Sunday, February 9, 2014

TTC Update : 2 week wait | February 2014

So I am currently in my two week wait for February.
 I'm on CD: 19 & I'm going to test in 4 or 5 days.
My only symptoms at the moment are:
  1. sleepy all the time to where I HAVE to take a nap or I become super bi*ch!
  2. random headaches
  3. constipation
  4. browning nipples
  5. slight random cramps
  6. face breakouts (which never happen)
I'm not sure if I feel pregnant yet, But I'm trying to stay positive. I also wanted to start documenting my symptoms so I can find a consistency if there is any.
I will be recording the test live in a couple of days so Subscribe and Stay tuned (:
Positive Baby Dust to all <3

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  1. lots of baby dust your way! kik me if you need to