Friday, February 15, 2013

TTC UPDATE (Feb 2013)

I haven't really blogged and the reason is we are trying to figure out if I have Endometriosis ontop of my PCOS. We have basically stopped tracking anything after finding out that this whole time basically since I've had our angel son a year ago this month, that I haven;t ovulated at all. Just what anyone TTC wants to hear right?!

So basically we have given up for a couple months. We're also in the process of buying/building a house, buying a car, Joe starting school, and us relocating to central/south Florida so I can continue my career. So within all of that its just not worth it to add the stress of TTC. We will be firing right back up with it though as soon as we're settled because we are determined to have our rainbow baby. I will still be updating here on our life and other subtle TTC stuff.

Never give up completely because after the rain is always a rainbow (:
~xoxox brandi~