Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let the Journey Begin....

So if you've watched my video then you know already and if you haven't here we go!

So Joe & I decided it was time to act and get this over with because the pain/symptoms are getting worse and we're not getting younger. We went to my primary doctor and she referred us to an ob/gyn to be tested for endometriosis, treated for pcos, and for our (MY) fertility issues.

Today was our first appointment with him. His office is on the first floor of a very nice private hospital so ultrasounds, procedures, labs, everything is done basically in his offices or on the floors above. L&D is also on the second floor which is extremely convenient.

They took my urine and vitals then we went back to a room. We played 21 questions and the nurse recorded my history and family history, etc. Then she took us into the doctor's actual office. He came in and discussed my history further in depth with J & I. We discussed some options, concerns, questions, medicines. He then took me back to the exam room and performed a pap smear (fun! :/). He then did the lovely finger prodding while asking did it hurt above or below. The entire right side was upper until he hit the left side and about the second time I said below he took his fingers out, removed his gloves and started washing his hands. He then sat with a look on his face and said "you certainly have a lot going on."

He suggested we do the laprascopy and they are also doing a tube flush and hormone testing. I'll have three incisions total and will be put under. I'll know more once we schedule pre-op.
He wants to do the surgery before we start the medicines because Clomid could ignite and trigger endometriosis to become worse if that's in fact what I have that is causing all this trouble.  The good news is he says as of now he is confident that even with my severe retro flexed uterus, that if and when I get pregnant again I'll be able to successfully sustain and carry a healthy pregnancy and baby.

So once we schedule pre-op I'll have more details and will write another blog. Any Questions? Leave them below and I'll answer them. I will also be recording as much as I can from here on out as well.

Brandi <3

Friday, February 15, 2013

TTC UPDATE (Feb 2013)

I haven't really blogged and the reason is we are trying to figure out if I have Endometriosis ontop of my PCOS. We have basically stopped tracking anything after finding out that this whole time basically since I've had our angel son a year ago this month, that I haven;t ovulated at all. Just what anyone TTC wants to hear right?!

So basically we have given up for a couple months. We're also in the process of buying/building a house, buying a car, Joe starting school, and us relocating to central/south Florida so I can continue my career. So within all of that its just not worth it to add the stress of TTC. We will be firing right back up with it though as soon as we're settled because we are determined to have our rainbow baby. I will still be updating here on our life and other subtle TTC stuff.

Never give up completely because after the rain is always a rainbow (:
~xoxox brandi~